• Wanganui Open Champs
    Top 8 shooters contesting the spot for
    Wanganui Open Champion.
  • Okoia Indoor Range
    Typical line up of shooters on Wanganui's 20
    mound indoor range at Okoia.
  • Okoia Indoor Range
    Shooters in position and competing at one of many
    events hosted by Target Shooting Wanganui at the
    Okoia indoor range under the direction of the
    Range Officer. (Sid)

Can I Have a Go?

Sure can!

There are very few conditions that will make you ineligible to take part. As long as you don't suffer from anything that could cause you to act in an unsafe manner with a loaded firearm you will be able to take part in preliminary safety instruction, range protocol, how to use the rifle and, finally, shoot some targets.

Smallbore Rifle shooting is one of the few sports that does not favour a particular gender. Neither does it require a high physical ability. Hey, you don't even need to have 20-20 vision. In spite of this it can be very competitive, in fact as competitive as you allow it to be. Your greatest competitor though, will be your own mind.

Simply contact someone from the club nearest you or just turn up early on their club night and someone will gladly accommodate you. As with many sports and activities, you won't know it's for you until you give it a go.

Clubs will be commencing their Indoor season on the first club night in March.

Club Nights:


Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm
Cost: $7.50 per ten-shot card with rifle, ammo, training and all gear provided.
Students: $6.00 per ten-shot card or $10.00 for two cards.


Monday evenings at 7.30pm
Cost: (To be set) per card with rifle, ammo, training and all gear provided.


Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm
Cost: (To be set) per card with rifle, ammo, training and all gear provided.

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