• Wanganui Open Champs
    Top 8 shooters contesting the spot for
    Wanganui Open Champion.
  • Okoia Indoor Range
    Typical line up of shooters on Wanganui's 20
    mound indoor range at Okoia.
  • Okoia Indoor Range
    Shooters in position and competing at one of many
    events hosted by Target Shooting Wanganui at the
    Okoia indoor range under the direction of the
    Range Officer. (Sid)

What is "Smallbore"?

As the term suggests, smallbore describes the type of rifle. The "bore" of the rifle is small, .22 calibre to be precise, or 0.22 of an inch. This is in contrast to a bigbore, or "fullbore" rifle usually in the range of .30 calibre.

22 Calibre Cartridge 30 Calibre Cartridge
  • .22 Calibre Cartridge
  • .30 Calibre Cartridge

Smallbore target shooting is performed over several distances. During the winter season it takes the form of Indoor which is shot over 25yds, or in a few ranges, 20yds.

Below is a typical 25yd indoor target consisting of one central sighting diagram and ten scoring diagrams. A "10 shot" match such as this requires 2 compulsary sighters and a 3rd optional, followed by 10 scoring shots around the card. The perfect score would be 100.10 where a ".1" signifies an inner bull.

  • 10 Shot Card

The summer season brings on Outdoor and is shot predominately over 50m. Small flags are arranged in lanes that serve as indicators to the shooter as to wind direction and strength.

  • 50m Outdoor Range
  • Gary Shooting Outdoor

Both of these disciplines have very different target sizes but the sight picture to the shooter remains the same. Unlike hunting rifles where the shooter generally uses a "scope" or "open sights", smallbore target rifles use what is known as "Aperture Sights". For an accurate shot with aperture sights the rear "aperture", "foresight element" and the "target diagram" must be aligned concentrically.

  • Aperture Sight Picture

Try this online application from "EuroSimulator" to get a feel for using Aperture sights. The Beginner's Range 15m is a good one to start on.

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